Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Well we are off today on our first long drive as a family (7 hours).  I’m very curious to how this is all going to go – I’m pulling for manageable.  I’ve found a few tricks for our short journeys (the grandparents all live out of town, but nothing over a 2.5 hour drive).  So I have prepared yummy goodies, activities, fun CDs, stories on CDs, some car games and if things get ku-ray-zee I will bust out the portable DVD player (that I just bought yesterday at Target, on sale – woot).  We usually don’t travel on Thanksgiving, but it feels right this year.  

Have food sensitivities– will travel!
Having food sensitivities and food allergies makes things difficult when traveling in general, but more so when you’re traveling on one of the biggest food days of the year.  Arg, I can’t help but feel anxious about the food situation.  But I take control, get real and bring food with me.  This year I’ve made two desserts: these brownies and a delicious carrot cake with a vegan/sugar-free frosting (that I will share with you very soon); a side favorite (honey roasted sweet potatoes with apples and pears); my cranberry sauce; pan seared green beans with an orange sauce; and gluten free dinner rolls (from my local gluten-free bakery).  I know the turkey will be okay to eat, and I’m sure there will be a salad.  So, I’m good and Ethan will be fine.  My husband is so great about bringing me back down to a “breathe, everything is fine, it’s all good” place and I love him so much for that.  We are a great match in that way. 

This year I feel grateful for so many things

My sweet, wonderful, supportive husband
My two amazing, magical children
My loving family  
My fabulous friends 
And my fabulous new internet foodie friends
My health on good days
My body for pulling me through the tough days
A roof over my head and access to healthy food 
Clean drinking water
Our beautiful earth for providing us with nourishment and life

And for special days like this.
Singing with my kids, enjoying each other and cherishing the moment

Have a Wonderful, Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
Be Well,
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