Saturday, December 31, 2011

Monthly Round-Up (December 2011)

Dashing through the snow, 
with an alternative menu in tow,  
check out this spread, 
it’s a feast instead 
of the traditional one you know…”
(How I would sing Jingle Bells on my way
to a Holiday dinner.)

Here are my 10 picks for December.  
Some I’ve tried, others I look forward to trying:

I’m swooning over this recipe.  The ingredients are right up my alley.  
My kids would LOVE this!

These were such a nice alternative to traditional sugar cookies
and Santa loved them too

A blast from my pastcan’t wait to make these!
Maggie’s Gingerbread Cupcakes
Ginger is my all-time favorite!  I will be making these very soon.
Our tradition is chili on Christmas Eve, and this year
I tried Shirly’s version with mushrooms. Loved it!
So inventive – so wonderful for the SCD community
Amber’s Vegan Persimmon Cranberry Pudding
So fun to eat pudding without any added sugar
Scroll down to check out the recipes.  Ingenious!
I mean, come on, look at that centerpiece!!!

Pecan pie is my Husband’s favorite, but the traditional version makes me cringe. This recipe looks like a wonderful, satisfying alternative; can’t wait to try it
Meghan’s Better Than Caramel Corn 
This was super goodand ridiculously easy.  Such a nice alternative for those
of us who can’t digest corn, or for those with corn allergies

Wishing you laughter, love and peace in the New Year.
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