Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do you like movies?  I sure do.  Movies are awesome.  We presently don’t own a TV and so our computer stands as our connection to the world, via Netflix and network sitcoms.  I’m going to digress a moment here and share that I LOVE not having a TV.  Why you ask?  Because there is very little I would watch. Please tell me I’m not running solo on this one.  If I could pay for a few channels I would consider getting a TV (comedy central, food shows, HGTV, HBO, Discovery, and AMC for our unhealthy addiction to Mad Men).  So after the kids are tucked away in their beds Scott and I race toward the computer (lap top) let out a collective sigh, relax in the comfort of our bed, and watch what we want.  It’s perfect.  We like the same sitcom comedies and so we watch those, then we move into Netflix when we run out of our catching up.  When it comes to movies there is a divergence in preference.  Scott likes anything.  I do not.  And this isn’t a gender thing.  Case in point, my girlfriends run the spectrum of movie preferences.  From super thriller horror blood and guts everywhere, to mysteries, to the documentaries, to the Indis, to the romantics.  I simply prefer a certain kind of movie and that is of the comedy variety.  I have very little interest in blood, thrillers and anything having to do with Aliens (so gross).  I have a friend that shall remain nameless that loves those Saw movies.  I secretly believe she needs to see a therapist.  But for me, it’s not those romantic comedies that get pumped out like a clichge romantic comedy replicating machine.  I’m talking slapstick, stupid, raunchy, over the top hilarity.  And I don’t like to feel confused when I’m trying to relax with a movie.  I’ve been known to get lost within the first 5 minutes, and it’s like what, how did I lose this so quickly? I’m educated and I can’t follow this freaking story line.  Movies that require note taking, decoding and a separate computer to research facts is not my idea of relaxing.  Oh yes, then there’s the pestering Scott every 2 minutes about what’s going on; and sometimes I’m pretty sure he’s confused too, but won’t admit it, and so I’m on to you pal.  Life confuses me enough.  I will pay Sudiko if I want to figure out a puzzle.  Just give me raw humor in any shape or form and I’m happy  

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