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Raw Carrot Cake Cookies

I wish I could take credit for these delicious, healthy cookies but I cannot.  A while back I found these at my local Natural Foods Coop.  I was looking for something to snack on, and these looked perfect.  Can I tell you – they were AMAZING!!  They are super healthy, grain free, nut free, sugar free, and raw. See HERE for my homemade lemon cookies.
Needless to say, I ate um’ all up in like 2 minutes…and of course wanted more, but at nearly $6.00 for a bag…no can do.  So I kept the little bag, made note of the ingredients (only 5), and then started making my own.  It took a while to find the right ratios, but I did it!  And my homemade creation taste just like the store bought variety.  So much more cost effective to make them.  My kids eat these up like gangbusters.  I made my family a batch with Valentine’s Day in mind and wanted to share them with you.  Wishing you and yours a wonderful Valentine’s filled with love and laughter!
-6.5 ounces of carrots, peeled then grated (3 medium)
-14 soft dates, pitted and soaked in filtered water for an hour
-4.5 ounces unsweetened shredded coconut
-1 cup sesame seeds
-1 teaspoon nutmeg
*(I didn’t make these “hot and spicy” but you totally could – for the hot and spicy factor, add in some ginger and/or a pinch of cayenne)
How To
1.  In food processor fitted with the s-blade, add grated carrots and dates.  Blend well.
2.  In another bowl, add coconut, sesame seeds, and nutmeg.  Mix well.
3.  Add carrot and date mixture to coconut, sesame seeds, and nutmeg and with clean hands, mix well.
4.  Spread out “dough” on a non stick surface, I use this (spray the mat with a little oil before you spread out the dough) and then make your desired cutouts.
5.  The dough is a little tricky to work with, but you’ll get it.  My advice is to use a metal spatchula – slide on the cookie and then slide off (the slide action works well).  It took me a while to find my groove.  You can make any shape; I also made cute little carrot cake balls (see below)!
6.  Okay so, place the cutouts in your dehydrator (on a mesh fitting) and dehydrate at 105 degrees for 24 – 30 hours.  Crank it up to 135 degrees for the last hour. I know this sounds like a long time, but this low temperature really preserves all the beneficial nutrition.  I have no idea how these would work in the oven, but please let me know if you try.
*These cookies don’t get crispy hard like the store bought.  They are slightly chewy and soft.  However, you may be able to get that crisp cookies texture if you dehydrate longer.
*I put my dehydrator in the laundry room and just forget about it.  I make a batch at night and they are ready the following night.
*If making the cute little carrot cake bites, dehydrate 105 degrees for 12-15 hours.
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