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How To Build A Pea/Bean Trellis

(thank you to my 5 1/2 year old daughter for snapping a quick picture of me). I’ve had this post ready to go since December, if you can believe it.  I remember this day (December 9th) because it was unseasonably warm.  My snow peas were really taking off and I needed to create a trellis.  My design last year didn’t work so well, so I needed a new plan.  I took my son to the lumber yard that morning, purchased a few 1×2 boards, some cotton twine, and drilled this together later that afternoon during his nap.  I can’t seem to find the picture of the peas right before I tore them out last week, but they were growing far over the top!  So this simple trellis held the weight of 32 snow pea plants. And this is an eco-friendly design, no plastic or metal wire used to guide the peas.       
Here are the plants in mid-February:  
-7 1×2 boards
-Cotton twine
-Small saw
How To:
1.  Drill two of the boards onto one side of the bed
2.  Secure the first two boards with a third 1×2
3.  Add two more boards to the opposite side of the bed.
Measure and saw a small piece of board and secure to the end. 
4. Add another long 1×2 to the side
and repeat on the other end: saw & drill to secure
Continue adding cotton twine as the peas grow.  
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