Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Thoughts on Earth Day

Years ago after I moved to Sacramento I attended my first Earth Day celebration.  Can I tell you, I was disgusted.  Now I’m not a cynical person, if anything I’m quite logical.  Let me paint the picture for you.  Image a huge beautiful green park.  Now picture that park with garage all over it.  Picture thousands of plastic forks, spoons, plates, plastic beer cups, styforgoam boxes and plates and paper, paper everywhere.  How counter intuitive is this entire picture?  A celebration for the earth that contributes nothing but more waste and pollution for the earth.  It really got me thinking about what Earth Day means anyway.  Is it sort of like Mother’s Day?  We love our mother everyday, but one day each year we go through ritualistic, tangible efforts to show this love.  If so, then our efforts on Earth Day should be as waste-less as possible, right?  Sounds logical to me.  I currently live in Davis and we have a fantastic festival every year over Mother’s Day weekend.  I give credit to UC Davis for organizing this earth loving weekend!  It’s a festival any earthing loving person would be proud of.  Let me just sum it up for you: it’s a alcohol free event, and zero-waste event.  That’s right, zero waste.  Someone finally made the connection here.  I feel good about attending this festival.  

So what will I be doing this Earth Day?  

The same thing I do everyday – and this is being environmentally mindful and thoughtful, decreasing waste within my means and capability and making a difference on a policy level (getting involved in something, somehow).  

Here are just a few little things I do everyday to decrease my waste in my kitchen

Here are ways to get involved on the policy level 

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