Thursday, May 17, 2012

SCD Friendly Strawberry, Cantaloupe & Ginger Green Smoothie (with a green kitchen tip)

Obsess much?  Yes, I have beenabout strawberries.  I’ve been making strawberry smoothies everyday for the past couple of weeks and experimenting with a bunch of different flavors.  I created one that I just had to share with you.  Everyone has their own smoothie texture, flavor, and slush preference, so please consider this while making any smoothie recipe.  If you like the icy type, then add more ice, especially if the recipe calls for fresh fruit.  If you like super sweet, add in some sweetener.  That’s the fun of making your own, right.  You CAN have it your way.  I hope you enjoy this recipe.  It has been my latest obsession.

-6 ounces frozen strawberries (see notes for my frozen strawberries green kitchen tip)
-8 ounces fresh cantaloupe 
-0.2 ounces of fresh ginger*
-1 cup filtered water 
-1 ounce fresh baby spinach (a heaping cup)
How To:
1.  Add above ingredients to your favorite blender (high speed or otherwise) and blend until incorporated.

*Add in a banana, and this makes a great breakfast smoothie – so creamy and filling!
*If you love the idea of incorporating more greens in your smoothies, but don’t want it overpowering your drink, add in some fresh ginger (just a little).  Be careful, it can make your drink spicy.  I’ve found 0.1 ounces to be just perfect for my kids.  But I like 0.3 ounces
*I really try to not buy frozen fruit when fresh fruit is in season.  First, the plastic bags, second, frozen is crazy expensive.  I save money buying fresh fruit and then freezing.  

For strawberries, wash and trim then place on a nonstick surface.  Freeze for at least 5 hours.  
 After they are frozen I quickly remove and store in a glass container in the freezer.  They won’t stick together if you freeze them separately like this (they do stick to the glass a little bit).
This gives me frozen strawberries for the week!
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