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Homemade Macadamia Nut Milk (dairy free, SCD)

You may notice a few things about my nut milks.  First, I use a lot of water.  Why you ask?  Well, I guess the obvious reason is it saves money but I also like the way it tastes, so why not.  Another thing I do is scoop off the foam that forms from blending.  I do this because I don’t like straining the foam through the nut milk bag.  And lastly, I generally add just a teaspoon of vanilla for a little favor and a little sweet.  I keep things pretty simple.  I happen to love my nut milks, but I suggest you experiment with different water ratios and sweeteners.  Macadamia nut milk is another family favorite.  I used to buy store bought nut milks, then started making them in my Ninja blender years ago before I purchased my Vitamix.  Making nut milk is so easy, and so satisfying.  There are so many additives found in store bought.  For example, many brands add what’s called carrageenan.  Studies reveal that carrageenan can exacerbate IBD symptoms and flares.  And I found this thread discussing the issue.  So to make nut milks, you don’t NEED a high speed blender.  I used my Ninja for years and it worked fine.  Check out my other nut (and seed) milks that you can make in any regular blender (high speed just works the best at crushing and blending the nuts/seeds):
Almond, Walnut, Hazelnut, & Hemp.     

-1 cup raw, organic macadamia nuts 
-7 cups filtered water 
-1 teaspoon vanilla  

How To
1.  Soak macadamia nuts in filtered water for 5 hours.   
2.  Drain and rinse nuts with filtered water
3.  To your high speed blender add nuts, 7 cups water and vanilla*
4.  Blend on high for 90 seconds 
5.  Here’s a step in the process that might be different from most:  

*After blending I let the milk sit in the blender for about 10 minutes.  This gives the milk time to settle and the foam to gather on the top.  After the 10 minutes I scoop off all the foam.  After removing the foam my original 7 cups remain.  I dislike straining foamy milk through the nut milk bag.  
6.  After you scoop off the foam (and discard into the sink), strain the milk through nut milk bag.  I strain the milk into an 8 cup glass Pyrex

7. Transfer to glass pitcher with lid and store in the fridge for up to four days

*If using a “regular” blender (not high-speed), start with 4 or 5 cups of water and blend on high for up to 2 minutes.  Add more water in future batches if you’d like.

What to do with that macadamia nut pulp?  How about make a raw hummus dip!

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