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Welcome Home Berry Beet Smoothie (SCD Friendly)

I really enjoy traveling.  I love flying, living out of a suitcase, exploring new places, and meeting new people.  But there is nothing quite like coming home and settling back into your space.  One thing I missed on this trip was my daily smoothie.  Smoothies are my “morning coffee.”  I always follow with breakfast, but sometimes I just need a little something.  This morning (particularly) I really NEEDED a smoothie, and one filled with lots of good stuff.  I felt like I was coughing up New York.  As much as I love that amazing city, my body is just not used to the exhaust, fumes and smoke.  I couldn’t run to my Vitamix fast enough this morning armed with my favorite fruits and veggies.  This smoothie turned out awesome, so I just had to share.  You can always play around with different ingredients here, for example, if you’re not keen on beets, simply leave it out.  I happen to love the flavor, and my three year old loves them too, so he was all over this smoothie.  
-4 ounces frozen blueberries* (3/4 cup)
-5 ounces fresh strawberries (5 -6 medium strawberries) 
-5 ounces fresh Navel orange (1 medium orange, peeled)
-2 ounces of carrot (1/2 medium carrot, peeled)
-1 or 2 ounce raw beet (1 small red beet, peeled)
-0.3 ounces of fresh ginger (peeled)
-1 cup filter water 

How To:
1.  Blend above ingredients in blender until well incorporated (high speed or otherwise).
2.  Serve immediately

*Add more ice if you like super slushy smoothies.  I happen to like mine just slightly cold so I add very little frozen ingredients.
*And, as mentioned above, simply omit the beet if you’re not a fan.
*Add some fresh spinach or kale for an extra added punch of nutrition. 
*To make homemade frozen blueberries, wash and dry fresh blueberries.  Place blueberries separately on non-stick surface and freeze 4-6 hours  Transfer frozen blueberries into glass storage and store in freezer.  See here for same method used with strawberries. 

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