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Earth Day Everyday

So today is Earth Day.  What’s that mean to you?  Personally, I’m glad we have a day set a aside every year to raise awareness regarding environmental issues and the ongoing struggles and assaults on our planet.  That being said, I do not support or enjoy attending huge waste-producing Earth Day festivals.  I used to, but one year I was in line for some food and I was given a Styrofoam to-go box with a plastic fork and knife and said, forget this!  This is ridiculous.  It’s so counterintuitive.  Here is a massive event “celebrating” the earth with information about what materials are damaging to the earth and yet they are serving food on these very materials.  Not to mention the thousands of plastic drink cups and straws, and cans thrown out, and everywhere you turn there are overflowing trashcans full of landfill waste.  Terrible.  No-waste events are TOTALLY possible.  In fact, I attend one every year here in my town.  Check out last year’s Whole Earth Festival, a ZERO waste event.  It can be done my friends.  
Our family treats everyday as Earth Day.  If you follow my blog, you know a portion of the information offered on this blog is green-related and environmentally mindful.  I have a low-waste, green kitchen.  This means I do not use any disposable plastic, foil, or paper products.  You can read here on how to decrease kitchen waste, and here for part 2.  Some examples are bringing your own container to the store for your meat, freezing fruit for smoothies, and purchasing reusable fabric lunch bags.  It’s all about decreasing waste.
Environmental blogs that inspire me

8.  Good Girl Gone Green 


Here are my favorite environmentally mindful resources 

1.  Earth 911 
Have something to recycle?  

Find out HOW and WHERE!

2.  TerraCycle  
Where to send ALL your wasteful packaging 
 from packaged foods and other items 
3.  Plastic Free  

(a book) by Beth Terry 

A great post with great suggestions
5.  Buy Green 
A trusted resource for green products 

Additional Information
If you’re interested in more resources and information, you can follow my Pinterest Page dedicated to environmentally-mindful information.
I also encourage you to get out there and garden  
And I also have a Pinerest Page  dedicated 
to all-things gardening.

Happy Earth Day from The Tasty Alternative 
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