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Win a Copy of Ricki Heller’s New CookBook: Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free + Review

I’m thrilled to finally share this review and giveaway with you today.  I jumped at the chance to be part of Ricki’s virtual book tour, as I am such a HUGE fan of Ricki and her amazing blog:  You’ve no doubt seen Ricki’s new cookbook: Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free circulating the web and featured on many, many blogs.   

This is a cookbook you NEED in your culinary library.

Let me ask you this

Do you have a sweet tooth?
Do you enjoy desserts?
Are you trying to get white/refined cane sugar out of your life?
Do you suffer from Candida?
Do you often have intense sugar cravings?
Want to learn how to bake using natural, healthy ingredients?
Want to make healthy snacks for your children?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then this book is for you.  

What makes Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free different? 
This is a book devoted entirely to desserts, breads, and treats.  
All of Ricki’s recipes are vegan and 100% free of: gluten, dairy, and cane-sugar.  

Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free is a wonderful reference.  Ricki shares her personal story and relationship with sugar from childhood to present day.  She shares her low points and triumphs and her transition to permanent whole-food living without animal products and cane-sugar.  Ricki states, “Today I enjoy a whole-food diet filled with delicious foods and no absence of treats.”  
If Ricki can do it, so can you! Let Ricki be your guide into a healthier lifestyle, let her show you how to have a positive relationship with the foods so often placed “off limits.”  Don’t deprive yourself, celebrate food and celebrate health with Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free!  

When reviewing a cookbook, I prefer to test several recipes and provide feedback for my readers, so continue reading for my recipe reviews.  And at the end of this post you can enter to win your very own copy of Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free. 

Recipe Review
For the first recipe I could not wait to make her “Sugar-Free Sugar Cookies” (page 116).  I haven’t had sugar cookies in years, er, I haven’t had sugar cookies that tasted this AMAZING in years.  I cannot stress how close to traditional sugar cookies these taste in texture and flavor. The dough was easy to work with (I left it in the fridge over night), it rolled out perfectly the next day, the dough kept its shape, the cookies were light and flaky and BUTTERY (yes these vegan cookies tasted buttery), and they were the perfect sweetness level. I frosted these bad boys with Ricki’s world famous Chocolate “Buttercream” Frosting (and I went crazy and ate like 10 cookies in one day).  I would buy this cookbook for the sugar cookie recipe alone my friends, it’s that good.  I had such fun with my kids cutting out the shapes (pumpkins for Halloween of course) and frosting was a blast.  Oh oh oh, this frosting.  No words.  Just make it and you’ll see.  I used tahini and was pleasantly surprised by how much I LOVED it in there (admittedly, I was skeptical at first) but Ricki knows her stuff and she is right on the money with her subs and suggestions).  

Next I made Raw Gingersnap Cookie Bon Bons (page 206).  Filled with nuts, oats, cinnamon and ginger, these little bite size treats are fabulous.  The coconut butter coating is sensational.  My family really enjoyed these.  For me the ginger was extra special.  It’s one of my favorite ingredients and flavors.  

For a dinner party with friends I made Raw Frosted Lemon-Poppy Seed Squares (page 208).  Let me just say thisa 7 year old boy at the gathering devoured these.  His mom leaned over and said, “He’s super pickyI cannot believe he is eating so many of those.”  Nuff said! 

And finally, homemade Oatmeal Poppy Seed Scones (page 54).  This was my first time making scones! Yes. You know I’m not a very adventurous baker so I appreciate Ricki’s easy-to-follow recipes.  I made a large batch of Ricki’s All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix (page 22) which is awesome. This cookbook appeals to both the novice and seasoned baker.  The scones were a hit with the family.  I had to put a 2 1/2 scone limit on my 4-year-old son that night.  The poppy seed flavor was subtle and pleasing.  
Are you ready to win a copy of Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free!!!

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