Saturday, August 27, 2011

For the love of jars

I find that as an alternative cook I have an enormous amount of ingredients.  What's a girl to do? Dig out the ole' label maker of course!  I have a love affair with my label maker.  I go on label making tangents in my house and label everything I can from the kid's toys to items in my closet.  Regretfully, it's not the most environmentally frienldy system, but oh how I love those neat pretty little labels!  

To organize my kitchen, and more specificity, flours and baking ingredients, I find glass jars anywhere I can.  Our local Coop has a fantastic bulk section...I'm talking bulk gf pasta, gf cereal, gf flours, teas, binders, thickeners, honey, almond name it and they probably have it - so great!  So I don't use plastic for many reasons and feel really good about storing food in glass.  I have had great success at finding glass jars and storage at discount stores such as Ross and Marshall's, and Ikea has by far my favorite glass containers.  For smaller food quantities like those few little left over hemp seeds, I reuse jelly and applesauce jars.  

An organized kitchen is indeed a happy place to create tasty eats!

Flours and the like in cupboard 

Jelly and applesauce jars for powders, seeds, beans, etc.

Glass jars for everyday staples like gluten free oats, cereal and rice
Don't throw away those plastic bins!
Use them to store your baking and cooking essentials
Glass jars and containers are perfect for storing nuts in the fridge!


  1. Alissa @ Not Just ApplesOctober 5, 2011 at 2:46 AM

    i love my glass jars for storage too - they are the best :)

  2. Hi There Alissa. I agree, where would we be without them...when plastic just isn't an option. Stay tuned for more organizational tips to come...
    Be Well,--Amber

  3. I can drool over an organized pantry the same way most women drool over shoes. Weird?
    I think I may need a label maker. Pieces of tape written on just don't look as cute.

  4. KellyBelly~

    You're a girl after my own heart. You must get yourself a label maker ASAP! I found mine at Costco...for like $30. Worth its weight in gold!

    Stay tuned for more fun organization posts (eye candy for us right)! :-)

    Be Well,

  5. old glass PB jars good to0

    1. Ha ha! Yes, but for me it would be almond butter I'm severely allergic to peanut butter!:-)

      Have a great day.

      Be Well,



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