Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I heart Carebags

Our produce bag evolution went something like this:
plastic bags ---> biodegradable plastic bags ---> paper bags ---> CAREBAGS!
I became fed up with the high price of those fabric produce bags at my local Coop and refused to buy them (and I needed like 20+).  I most certainly could have made my own, but I'll be honest, I didn't want to.  So hooray when I found CareBags.  I have like a hundred of these little bags (or it seems like I do) and I use them every week for my produce and other things such as my bulk shopping (perfect for beans, rice, tea, seeds, pasta, oats, etc).  They hold a TON, extremely durable and such a groovy alternative to using plastic bags or paper bags for that matter.  I estimate that since I've been using Carebags I have passed up using about 10,000 plastic bags.  And that's something.

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