Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tasty Alternatives to Traditional Halloween Candy

 Healthy versions of some traditional Halloween treats    

Rice Crispy Chocolate Bars
(my spin on a traditional candy bar)

*I used this recipe for "rice crispy treats" from the Gluten
Free Goddess for the inside of the bars
*One bar of chocolate for the coating
*Shredded coconut, if desired

How To
1.  I made the above rice crispy treats, smoothed the mixture out
on a silicone baking mat  - around 1 inch high.  Chilled them
in the fridge until nice and solid.  Then cut them into bars
2.  Melt an entire bar of chocolate on a double boiler (I fashioned
my own using a small 8" non-stick saute pan on top of a small
sauce pan filled with some water)
3.  Quickly cover bars with chocolate, rolling them around
with a wooden pair of tongs.  When fully coated,
transfer immediately to a cooling rack with a baking sheet
underneath to catch the chocolate drippings
4.  Transfer to fridge until cooled
5.  These do very well sitting out at room temperature,
the chocolate does not melt.  Perfect to eat like a "candy bar"

Chocolate Covered Figs
(my spin on a Tootsie Roll Pop)
-Fresh Figs
-One bar of chocolate for the coating

How To
1.  Melt an entire bar of chocolate on a double boiler (I fashioned
my own using a small 8" non-stick saute pan on top of a small
sauce pan  filled with some water).
2.  Place lollipop stick into fig.  All I had on hand when I made these was a few wooden skewers, a little too sharp on the end for children.  I found some 4" lollipop sticks here in town the next day...much better.
3.  Using a silicone spatchula, drizzle chocolate quickly over fig 
4.  Be sure to get some chocolate on the area between the stick and the fig, this will provide a nice hold, like a glue, ensuring the fig won't fall off.  I missed this on a few as you can see in the above picture and these were much more precarious
5.  Transfer immediately to a cooling rack with a baking sheet 
underneath to catch the chocolate drippings
6.  Transfer to fridge until cooled

Caramel Pops and Caramel Apples
(My spin on traditional caramel)

-5 tablespoons brown rice syrup (or Yacon Syrup might work)
-5 tablespoons coconut sugar
-1 tablespoon coconut oil

How To
1.  Spray some oil on wax or parchment paper and strategically place lollipop sticks on paper
2.  Have a small space on paper sprayed with oil for the apple.  Have apple ready (with a popsicle stick or skewer firmly in place) 
3.  In a small non-stick saute pan (same as used above but not as a double boiler) heat brown rice syrup until bubbly, always stirring quickly to avoid burning
4.  Add in coconut sugar and coconut oil and stir quickly.  Keep on med/low heat with a slight bubble for about 2 minutes stirring the entire time to prevent burning
5.  Remove from heat and continue stirring for about 30 seconds
6.  With a silicone spatchula, pour a small amount of the sauce on the end of each lollipop stick. Let it sit and repeat once more, this will make it a little thicker and give the stick a little more to hold on to
7.  For apple, hold apple by the skewer and drizzle the sauce quickly over apple and then place on the oiled paper 
8.  Transfer lollipops and apples into the fridge to cool.  When the sauce has hardened, take out items and remove from paper.  You may get a little paper stuck on your treat, but it peals off pretty easy
9.  I suggest eating the lollipops right away, as they do get a little soft at room temperature
10.  Slice apple and let it sit at room temperature before eating.  The sauce turns ooey and gooey when it warms up.  So delicious with the tart apple!


  1. Can't wait to try some of these goodies! The fig one makes me swoon!!

  2. Hi There~

    Thanks Tessa.

    I have to say, the figs are decadent and my favorite.

    Happy Halloween!

    Be Well,

  3. Squash Blossom BabiesOctober 28, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    Hi, I love these ideas! I featured your fig pops on my site today! Stop by and check it out:

  4. Hello Squash Blossom Babies~

    Thank you for including me in your post. I'm flattered! What a fun blog you have there. And a happy 1-year anniversary to you. Keep up the great work.

    Be Well,



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