Thursday, August 29, 2013

Snack Time: Sophisticated ~ Prosciutto Wrapped Figs w/ a Drizzle of Honey

While getting ready for a most recent play date, I thought it would be fun to give the mommies a little snack time treat, something a little...sophisticated.  As I packed the usual homemade treat, apples, and carrot sticks for the kiddos, I also began wrapping some gorgeous figs with freshly cut prosciutto.  A quick bake in the oven, with a little drizzle of honey, and perhaps the easiest and most delicious snack was born.  I had a strong craving for something sweet and savory and this beyond satisfied.  I was also quite pleased when my mommy friend raved about the flavor combination.  They were delightful.  I'm obsessed.  I hope you will give these a try.    
Prosciutto Wrapped Figs w/ a Drizzle of Honey  

-10 fresh Black Mission Figs 
-1/3 pound fresh cut prosciutto (if you have it in your's cheaper to have it cut than buy it packaged)*
-Drizzle of honey

How To:
1.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2.  Wash, dry, trim off the stem, and slice the figs in half 
3.  Remove the prosciutto from the fridge and layer them on top of one another
4.  Cut down the middle to make two rows of prosciutto
5.  Begin rolling up the figs in the prosciutto
6.  Bake for 12 minutes 
7.  Allow to cool for about 10 minutes, then lightly drizzle with honey
Makes 20 little individual servings and best served at room temperature

*Green Kitchen Tips: for the prosciutto, take a glass container (such as a Pyrex or glass lock n' locks) instead of having the prosciutto cut and put into paper packaging. Use Carebags instead of plastic bags for the figs. 
*Utilize the deli!  I don't think people use the deli for fresh cut meats.  I never buy packaged meat, as it's cheaper to have it sliced in the deli, and I then have the green option of bringing in my own container and thus using less paper and plastic waste.  Deli's will generally have prosciutto - go for a locally made variety (cheaper than the stuff from Italy too).  
*Proscuitto drys out fast, so try and use it shortly after you buy it.  It will last longer if stored in an airtight container. 
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  1. YOU ARE TALKIN' MY LANGUAGE SISTA!!! I adore figs - with prosciutto? FIG HEAVEN has just happened. I used to take fresh figs, put a dollop of goat cheese on top. Roast in oven until slightly warm. Then, top with a toasted walnut. Drizzle with warm honey. OHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYY WOOOOORRRRRRDDDD.

    These look awesome Am -


    1. Ha ha, I thought you would like this one, Jen!! You will LOOOOVE These. They are so delicious and addicting. My husband was going nuts for these. Please try them if you can eat figs and let me know what you think!!!



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