Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pulled Pineapple Chicken with Cauliflower Tortillas

I shared this recipe with the lovely Emily from Recipes to Nourish during her "The Seasonal REAL Food Blog Series" showcasing a diverse collection of recipes from guest bloggers for the month of September (2013).  I'm so honored to be part of this series.  I adore Emily, her blog, and her philosophy on food.  Emily is passionate about healthy, whole, REAL food, and also shares holistic healing and herbal remedies.  Be sure to visit Recipes to Nourish.  You can also connect with Emily on Facebook and Pinterest. You can find the guest post here.  
Pulled Pineapple Chicken w/ Cauliflower Tortillas 

-2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast, or you can use bone in breasts.  Whatever works for you. 
-1 can drained pineapple (or fresh if it's in season)
-1 cup chopped yellow onion
-1 cup chopped sweet red or yellow sweet peppers* (omit for AIP)
-2 teaspoons salt
-2 teaspoons garlic granules 
-1 teaspoon onion granules 
-2 teaspoons Mexican seasoning (omit for AIP)
-1/2 teaspoon cumin
-1 tablespoon coconut sugar

-1 batch of cauliflower tortillas*

How To:
1.  Add the chicken to the slow cooker, then add in the onions, pineapple, and peppers.  
2.  In a small bowl mix together all the spices and then add to the slow cooker.
3.  Mix everything together and make sure the onion/pineapple/pepper mixture is both under and on top of the chicken.
4.  Set slow cooker for 6 hours.
5.  When finished, use two forks to pull apart the chicken.  Make sure you incorporate all the liquid in the slow cooker with the chicken.  This keeps the chicken nice and moist.  
6.  Serve your burritos/tacos with dairy free sour cream or cilantro lime sauce, black beans, fresh avocado, lettuce, tomatoes/salsa, grilled veggies, or fresh cilantro.   

*The cauliflower tortillas are not AIP suitable - they contain eggs. *AIP also omit the peppers in the chicken dish.
*Black beans are not suitable or AIP or Paleo, please omit. 

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  1. Emily @ Recipes to NourishSeptember 19, 2013 at 3:29 PM

    Yay!!! So excited about your recipe! I can't wait to make it Amber. And thank you so much again for being a part of this.

    Take care xo

  2. gfe--gluten free easilySeptember 20, 2013 at 2:11 PM

    Those tortillas are amazing and I almost make a chicken dish with pineapple last night. Went with our old favorite Bacon Chicken, but will be trying a pineapple version soon. :-) Off to see you recipe. ;-)




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