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The Tasty Alternative is a green living, holistic healing, alternative foods blog.  Here you will find recipes suitable for AIP, SCD, Paleo, GAPS, as well as allergy-friendly cuisine.

But I’m not just about food…
You will also find content related to:

*Homemade lotions and beauty products
*Decreasing waste in the kitchen
*Gardening with kids
*Cooking with kids
*Holistic healing (using herbs) for adults and children
*Stress reduction
*Digestion and healing the gut
*Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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To create healing food with a holistic approach to mind-body health with a meaningful connection to the earth (practicing environmental mindfulness).
Let’s be honest, I’m no environmental saint.  My conviction runs deep, but it runs within my means.  Would I like to live with an eco-friendly community; live off the land like a pioneer, have zero impact, the whole deal…yes and yes!  But alas I would probably last about a week without the internet and I’ll forever require a blow dryer due to an unruly bang cowlick.  Point being, I do what I can to live as a dedicated environmentalist within my means and one way I do this is by creating as little waste as possible in our home and in our immediate environment.  A few years ago I came across Beth’s blog: My Plastic Free Life and was completely fascinated and hooked on her no-waste challenge.  I started incorporating her concepts of plastic free living and decreasing waste and never looked back.  

What does environmental mindfulness mean anyway?

Mindfulness is a term I used often as a professional in the therapeutic setting, but I have adopted this term to describe the way I live life.  I’m mindful of my body, my thoughts, my feelings, my internal energies.  I have extended this concept to my immediate environment.  So, mindfulness is described as being in a state or quality of being mindful, attention, regard.  This is how I describe my connection to the earth.  I’m aware of my impact, I remind myself to do as little harm as possible, and I reflect on how the earth is providing me with nourishment and life. I’m on a mission to create as little waste as possible in my kitchen.  The kitchen is really the biggest waste creating culprit in our home.  I keep this in mind everyday and it helps me stay connected with a global frame of mind.  I take care of myself, my family and my home and then extend this love and care to the earth.

Mind-Body health is my way of creating harmony in my everyday life around eating, living and thinking

*I respect and appreciate my body by providing healing foods 

*I respect and appreciate the earth by decrease waste

*I respect and appreciate my mind by providing a personal environment with organization, predictability, balance and abundant laughter.  

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