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Tropical Traditions is a company that can be found online that sells a variety of healthy products such as a superior coconut oils, soy free eggs, pastured meats, nontoxic household products, and even nontoxic beauty products.  I love their soy free eggs and order 4 dozen at a time.  I also use their coconut oil every day in cooking, baking, and homemade lotions.  


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Golden label Virgin Coconut Oil

The Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is a unrefined coconut oil. This coconut oil is made on Mt. Banahaw and surrounding areas from organic coconuts. Coconuts are used fresh (within 24-48 hours of harvest) from small family farms on Mt. Banahaw and other rural places in Quezon Province, the coconut capital of the Philippines. Only the highest quality coconuts are hand-picked from each harvest. The volcanic soil of Mt. Banahaw makes these organic coconuts some of the most nutritionally rich coconuts in the world! Testing done in independent laboratories reveals higher levels of phenolic antioxidants than other coconut oils. The fresh coconut meat is shredded, wet milled, and then cold-pressed using the water from inside the coconuts to make coconut milk. The milk is then allowed to sit for about half a day, while the oil naturally separates from the heavier water. The oil is then filtered from the curds (coconut solids). No chemical or high-heat treatment is used, and this oil contains no trans fatty acids. We do NOT mass produce this oil. It is made by families who are coconut farmers using old-fashioned traditional methods that have been used in the Philippines for hundreds of years.Our coconut trees and family producers are certified organic according to strict USDA standards. The families who produce the oil are also trained according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and re-certified each year. This high-grade Virgin Coconut Oil has a long shelf life due to the high antioxidant properties. The Gold Label standard is our highest standard for Virgin Coconut Oil.  Place our order HERE. 




100% Grass-fed

Grass-Fed Traditions includes grass fed: bison, beef, lamb, chickens, turkeys, & wild caught Alaskan fish. Their organic chickens are free-range and pastured on lush organic pastures in Wisconsin in the summer time. They eat Cocofeed, a soy-free mixture that contains coconut pulp.  Their organic turkeys are also raised outdoors by family farmers in Wisconsin in the summer time on Cocofeed, a soy-free feed mixture that contains coconut pulp. They might be the only source where you can buy a pastured turkey raised outdoors on organic pasture and a feed that is soy-free. The grass-fed beef comes from the Galloway breed raised on organic pastures in Wisconsin by small-scale family farmers. The grass -fed bison (buffalo) are 100% grazed on pasture and also 100% finished on pasture, unlike most of the bison industry where the bison is finished in feedlots on grain. Order HERE.   

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Tropical Traditions soy-free organic eggs are unique!

Our chickens are raised by family farmers and eat a coconut-based soy-free feed mixture that is certified organic, with no genetically modified grains (no GMOs!). Tropical Traditions developed the feed the chickens eat: Cocofeed (feed made with coconut).


Why No Soy?

Soy has become a big part of the human diet post World War II, with the result that there are many people with soy allergies today, and many people today are trying to reduce or eliminate soy protein from their diet.  Soy is the cheapest protein available today, and it is a major component of most animal feeds. Cheap soy protein allows chickens to grow the fastest, and produce the maximum amount of eggs during their peak laying cycles. If you believe you are allergic to eggs, it could be that you are in fact allergic to soy protein that researchers have now found to be present in egg yolks. Almost all commercial eggs, including those that are organic or marketed as “Omega 3” eggs, are from chickens fed high concentrations of soy. So if eggs are a part of your diet today, so is soy protein, whether you realize it or not. Tropical Traditions wanted to offer a soy-free egg from chickens that eat NO SOY. Tropical Traditions soy-free organic eggs have been tested to be soy-free!  Order HERE. 


skincare-montageTropical Traditions Beauty  

All of the skin care products that Tropical Traditions offers are made with organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Virgin Palm Oil. No other products on the market are made with finer oils as their base. Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil is traditionally made from fresh organic coconuts, and independent laboratory tests show that it has a higher level of antioxidants than other coconut oils.

Virgin Palm Oil contains high concentrations of a powerful form of Vitamin E called “tocotrienols” which published research has shown is 40-60 times more potent than alpha-tocopherol (the most common form of Vitamin E found as an additive in most skin care products.) In addition to these powerful Vitamin E tocotrienols, Virgin Palm Oil is also rich in natural carotenes. It is one of the richest natural plant sources of carotenes with concentrations of 500-700 ppm. It is 15 times more retinol-equivalent than carrots and 300 times more than tomatoes, for example.  Order HERE. 



While there are many effective household cleaning products available in your local supermarket or discount store, you may see some surprising ingredients if you read the label closely.

Many of these products contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, petrochemicals, and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). It is risky to have these chemicals in your home in the case of accidental ingestion or physical contact. Breathing the fumes of some chemicals, especially over time, can be damaging to your health. In addition, small amounts of residual product can be left on surfaces or in the air following cleaning, adversely affecting your home’s air quality.  Order HERE.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASafe & non-toxic, all purpose cleaning solution is for all your household/commercial cleaning needs! Replace all of your harmful, toxic cleaners with Household Traditions All Purpose Cleaner! This environmentally safe botanical mixture contains no harmful detergents or solvents, no perfumes or dyes, and is easy to use! Household Traditions All Purpose Cleaner is an enzyme-based botanical formula that can cut through the toughest grease or dirt, and is completely non-toxic.




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