Hello readers of The Tasty Alternative. I am not a medical professional nor do I hold any dietary/medical degree or license. This website is not intended to diagnose or cure disease. I urge you to speak with a holistic healer or medical professional before making any drastic diet or lifestyle changes. This site provides information about my personal healing journey and provides additional information gathered from years of research on alternative cooking and holistic healing. All users agree that all access and use of  The Tasty Alternative is at their own risk.  Please seek professional advice if you are unsure about your current health needs and before making any substantial changes – especially before taking herbs and/or supplements. Herbs are very powerful and should be used with great caution. Please heal yourself responsibly.

Most of the links found within posts on The Tasty Alternative and on the sidebar are affiliate companies and links.  This means that (most of the time) when you purchase a product from my site, I receive a small percentage in commission.  Your support is greatly appreciated and keeps this site rocken’ with new recipes and content.  Thank you.  –Amber 

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