Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monthly Round-Up (October 2011)

Is it me, or did October FLY by?  It’s sad for mommies to feel time going by so fast.  I looked at my 5 year old daughter the other day and couldn’t believe how big she appeared to me.  It’s exciting to see them grow, develop and learn new skills, but also sad to say goodbye to each passing year of their childhoodit’s such a special, precious time.  And my son!  He’s 2 going on 5 trying to keep up with his big sister.

This month was filled with some pretty exciting recipes.  Here are my favorites this month (some I have tried, some I look forward to trying).

Do it yourself: Raw coconut butter
{How easy and amazing does this look?  Can’t wait to try this}.

And how about raw pumpkin ginger and cranberry parfaits? 
{I have no words.  Okay, I have a few.  
This looks so super easy and SO super healthy!   
This one is on my to-make ASAP list!}

Blueberry honey pie with coconut whipped cream
{Made it, love it!}

Gluten & Grain free crab cakes
{I can’t wait to try these!  I am in love with the ingredients}.

Do it yourself: sweet curry powder
Do it yourself: pumpkin pie spice


How cute are these zombie eyeball cupcakes
{looking forward to making these}
Spicy Pumpkin Hummus
{This looks so fantastic!  Can’t wait to try it}.
Gluten-free vegan banana cranberry spice muffins
{made these but didn’t have any cranberries on hand.  Still delicious}

Green kids
{from one of the most beautiful food sites out there}
See you in November.
AndHappy Halloween!
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