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Soaking Seeds and Nuts = Better Digestion (let this post inspire you to get soaking)

Why is it that the simple things seem more difficult.  I have a theory.  I think it’s because they are so obviously easy we tell ourselves we’ll get to it soon, after the more “difficult stuff.”  We tend to tackle the big projects with gusto because we have to.  But when something is easy, well, it just gets shuffled back on the to-do list.  Changing and/or introducing new behavior is challenging.  I knew that once I started soaking and dehydrating, I would have to make it a permanent behavior change.  I learned about soaking and dehydrating nuts/seeds LONG before I started.  I am completely unable to digest raw nuts and seeds.  It tears up my digestion.  I’m sure most of you with IBD can relate.  So one day I had an honest conversation with myself, and I was ready to make this a new part of my life and I was excited about it.  If you’re still on the fence about soaking, want to start, but just haven’t got around to it.  Please let this post be your inspiration to get going.  Your body will thank you for it.  Below I’ve included two links about soaking that I find interesting.  They are quick, informative reads.  Okay, good luck friends.  Happy soaking.
Step 1: Soak
Soak nuts in clean, filtered water (twice as much water to nuts) and sea salt (1 tablespoon for every 8 cups of water). 
Below I have walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. I soak mine for at least 12 hours.  In the evening, after dinner start the soak (7:00 pm).  They are ready to drain and rinse the next morning around breakfast (7:00 am).  

Why you should soak:  it removes enzyme inhibitors and makes them easier to digest.

Step 2: drain and rinse (well)

Step 3: Dehydrate.
Remove excess water with a towel (sort of pat dry method), but they do not have to be completely dry before going into the dehydrator). If you have one single layer, they will dry faster.  I tend to overcrowd, so I dehydrate longer and move them around a little halfway through. 
Note: You CAN use your oven, the seeds/nuts just won’t be “raw.”  Dehydrate in the oven on the lowest setting until crispy.  Not sure how long.  You will have to watch them and check every few hours.  

Dehydrating Times and Temps I use:
Walnuts: 12 – 14 hours (130 degrees)
Hazelnuts: 12 -14 hours (130 degrees)
Almonds: closer to 18 hours (130 degrees)
Pumpkin seeds:  4 – 6 hours (110 degrees)
 Sunflower seed: 4 – 6 hours (110 degrees)
*I will add to this list as I go
Here are some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds

Recommended reads before you get going:
1.  How to Soak, Sprout and Dehydrate Nuts and Seeds  

2.  Benefits of Soaking Nuts and Seeds 
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