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Welcome to the New and Improved Tasty Alternative Blog

Hi everyone.  I’m so exited to be back.  Jeez, that was a long break.  But a very productive one at that. In case you’re wondering about that big ole’ school auction I co-chaired, well I’m happy to say it was huge success…and so much fun (but oh man it was A LOT of work)!  Let’s see…oh yes, I love my new job and that makes working on the weekends not ‘so’ bad, as going to work is actually quite enjoyable. The kids are great, Scott is great.  My health is doing pretty well these days too (yay). Before I keep rambling on here, I should direct you to a few links, especially if you’re new to The Tasty Alternative. You can read all about me here.  And if you’re wondering what this blog is all about, you can read more about The Tasty Alternative  here.  

DSC_0075 (2)

By the way, you will see a lot of sunflowers around this blog. They are my absolute favorite flower and make me very happy.  

Let’s explore the new blog shall we…


Diet recipes34

With this new site I wanted to categorize and highlight the healing food diets (aka: food lifestyles) that I have experience with.  I am by no means an expert on these diets, but I do have experience making recipes for these diets and you can find all those recipe up in the navigation bar next to each respective diet.  If you click on Healing Diets & Recipes you will find a brief list of each diet.  A new element I find fun and helpful is dedicating an entire section (page) to each one of these diets with information, resources, and of course, links to popular blogs.  Each diet also has a “Nut Free” section listing all the nut free recipes for that specific diet.  The nut free section can be found at the end of each recipe list (the recipe lists are found in the navigation bar).  

These links will take you directly to the information page for each diet:

Gluten & Dairy Free  

Specific Carbohydrate Diet 


Autoimmune Protocol 

Raw Foods 

homemade lotions

I’ve dedicated a special page to my homemade lotions and beauty products.  These recipes are by far the most popular posts on the blog, so I figured they deserved their own special page.  


Holistic healingGreen living

The Tasty Alternative is about Holistic Healing AND Green Living.  Environmental mindfulness is a big part of my life and therefore a big part of my kitchen.  You will find several posts on how to live with more environmental compassion (practical tips) and how to decrease waste in your kitchen.  On the Holistic Healing page you will find posts dedicated to healing disease and ailments with food, supplements, herbs, and more.  



I’ve dedicated a special page to gardening titled: Adventures in Gardening.  Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies and I’m on a mission to become a better and more efficient urban gardener.  


For collages

For the first time The Tasty Alternative has affiliates.  Woot-woot!  With over 2,000,000 hits and over 100,000 visitors each month, I figured it was time to do a little advertising.  But here on The Tasty Alternative, you will only see advertising for companies I use and love…and thus recommend.   You can find these affiliates in the right hand sidebar and read more about each one here.    


DSC_0078Thank you for stopping by and checking out the new site.  I hope it’s helpful to those of you exploring alternative diets and looking to incorporate a more holistic and green way of living.  Visit my Start Here page for a list of links sharing more about me and The Tasty Alternative. Have a great day.  Be Well, –Amber 

P.S. Several of my posts are not working correctly due to the transfer (broken and not connecting) I am working on fixing them so thank you for your patience.  

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