Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mint Chocolate Chip Coconut Ice Cream

My sweet husband celebrated his birthday on Sunday.  When asked what he wanted for his birthday dessert he declared, “Oh, your pumpkin brownies! and mint chocolate chip ice cream.”  

Done and done my love.  

His all-time favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.  Our local Coop carries the coconut version and a few months ago I finally made my own batch.  And I kick myself for waiting so long.  It’s soooo easy to make and absolutely delicious.  

Here’s how I presented the brownie and ice cream to the birthday boy
Brownies fresh from from the oven
I went with ice cream and melted chocolate
Mint Chocolate Chip Coconut Ice Cream
  1. Add coconut milk, vanilla, peppermint & maple syrup (or honey) to blender and blend until incorporated, add to ice cream maker.
  2. Check ice cream maker after about 15 minutes. When the mixture thickens up a bit and about to get super thick, add in chocolate shavings and continue mixing.
  3. Remove mixture from ice cream maker when a ball of ice cream forms
  4. Transfer ice cream to glass storage and place in freezer for a few hours
  5. Remove from freezer about 20 minutes before serving
  6. Melt remaining chocolate for drizzling when ready to serve
Happy Birthday to my best friend, the love of my life, and the greatest man and father I know. 
Opening birthday presents in the morning
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