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Homemade Walnut Milk

One of my awesome readers, Erin, left the best suggestion on my homemade almond milk post: homemade walnut milk!!  I make a walnut nut butter and walnut flour…why not walnut milk?  Well let me tell you it’s delicious, so thank you Erin.  This comes at a good time for me, as almond flour and almond milk have not been agreeing with my digestion.  I make this walnut milk in the same fashion as my almond milk.  I use a high water-to-nut ratio compared to most recipes.  I purchase organic nuts in bulk, so I try and stretch my dollar by adding in more water.  I happen to adore the flavor, but it may not be for everyone, especially if you’re accustomed to a thicker nut milk.  Do what feels right to you and what you like.  Thanks again for the great suggestion Erin!
Health benefits of walnuts 
-1 cup raw, organic walnuts
-7 cups filtered water
-1 teaspoon vanilla
How To
1.  Soak walnuts in filtered water for 8 -10 hours, or just over night.
2.  When the walnuts have been properly soaked, drain and rinse with filtered water
3.  To your blender add walnuts, 7 cups water, and vanilla
4.  Blend on high for 90 seconds
5.  Here’s a step in the process that might be different from most:

*After blending I let the milk sit in the blender for about 5 minutes.  This gives the milk time to settle and the foam to gather on the top.  After the 5 minutes I scoop off all the foam.  After removing the foam my original 7 cups remain.  I dislike straining foamy milk through the nut milk bag.  See pictures below for foam scooping process:


5.  After you scoop off the foam (and discard into the sink), strain the milk through a nut milk bag.  I strain the milk into an 8 cup glass Pyrex

6. Transfer to glass pitcher with lid and store in the fridge for up to 5 days
*If using a “regular” blender (not high-speed), start with 5 cups water and blend on high for up to 2 minutes.  Add more water in future batches if you like the consistency and taste with 5 cups.

Check out this  great site on: what to do with your nut pulp.  There’s like a zillion recipes!  So awesome!! 


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