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Simple Cabbage Sauté (SCD Friendly)

I’m seriously obsessed with cabbage.  I eat it several times each week.  I love it raw, roasted, or sautéed.  And I add just about anything with it from additional veggies, to nuts, meat, or fruit – fresh or dried.  I like to think of cabbage as an equal opportunity foodso inviting and so very complimentary to all.  This weekend I’m experimenting with a new dinner idea (of course with cabbage).  If it works out, I’ll share it with you next week.  It’s a simple dish: roasted teriyaki chicken with sauteed cabbage and veggies (and with a soy-free homemade teriyaki sauce made with coconut aminos).  

Also coming soon, spicy green beans 
(with this teriyaki sauce). 
There are 3 main types of cabbage: green, red, and savoy. Savoy is the “curly” cabbage having leaves that are ruffled, deeper ridged, deeper veined, with a milder flavor and a softer texture. 

Health benefits of Cabbage: 
-Cabbage is considered the anti–inflammatory of vegetables
-Cabbage has lactic acid that acts to disinfect the colon
-Cabbage can also be used to relieve headaches
-Cabbage holds anti-cancer properties 
-Drinking cabbage juice from the stem is a good cure for ulcers

More about cabbage here. 
Simple Cabbage Sauté  


-2 heads small curly green cabbage 
-1 cup leeks (optional, but worth it)
-1/2 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
-1 teaspoon garlic granules (or 2 cloves minced garlic)
-3 tablespoons oil of choice (I use grapeseed)
-Fresh ground pepper to taste (optional, but worth it)

How To
1.  Add oil, leeks and salt to a large saute pan.  Sauté on medium heat until wilted and soft (about 5 minutes).
2.  Quarter the cabbage and remove core.  Slice and rinse in bowl of water (or rinse anyway you prefer) and dry well in salad spinner.  Add cabbage and garlic granules to leeks and sauté on medium/low heat.
3.  When cabbage is slightly wilted remove from heat.  I like my cabbage with a bit of crunch (not mushy).    
4.  Serve warm or room temp (or cold).  Garnish with fresh ground pepper.  
Serves 4 – 5

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