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Diva Stuff Beauty Bundle Giveaway – $40 value (all natural skin care products)

This Giveaway Is Now Closed As of 
August 9, 2013.  

Last month Vanessa, a representative from Diva Stuff, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying their all natural beauty and skin care products.  I was hesitant at first, because as you know, I make my own lotions, face cream, body spray, etc.  But I always try and keep an open mind when companies contact me – I’m very exclusive here on The Tasty Alternativeonly the best, most natural, non-toxic and (if possible) environmentally friendly products.  So I did some searching around on the Diva Stuff website with my trusted Skin Deep Cosmetic Database Resource and checked through quite a few products and the ingredients.  Everything looked all natural with ingredients I recognized.  But you will have to contact the company for the entire list of ingredients.  For some reason, they are not all listed on each product.  I know many of you out there suffer from severe food allergies, so please, PLEASE, make sure you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and email the company to verify the ingredients if need be.  

Before we jump into the giveaway, I want to share two product reviews with you.  Here’s my honest opinion about these products.

Black Charcoal,black Walnut Hull And Vodka Detox 
& Acne Soap Bar, for Face & Body 6oz

I don’t have a huge issue with face or body acne (just your typical monthly acne),  but I love charcoal (I take it internally for bloating) and so I was totally intrigued by this soap.  I can honestly say, after using this soap for about a week, that it did help clear up the small clogged pours on my chest, shoulder, and back.  Just a few things to consider: (1) it’s black (obviously) so it will transfer onto your shower and make a bit of a mess if you don’t have a nice spot for bar soap, and (2) it has a fairly strong scent.  I asked for the full ingredient list to make sure there wasn’t anything synthetic or unnatural in there.  It all checked out, but just be mindful of the scent factor.  It’ not totally overwhelming, but I have pretty severe chemical sensitivity, so everything smells strong to me.
(here is the full list of ingredients: soap–glycerin soap, vodka, charcoal powder,black walnut powder, natural fragrance face wash– distilled water, charcoal, sulfur, tea tree oil, lime oil, vitamin b3, xantham gum )

 Premium Acne Face Wash With 
Charcoal, sulfur And B3, 6oz

I’m a total snob when it comes to facial cleansers.  I mean really, I have very high standards.  It has to be completely all natural, not overly drying, and it must effortlessly remove all my eye make-up without stinging my eyes.  I was happy to find that this charcoal face wash removed all my eye make up and did not sting a bit.  It is a little drying in my skin, but understandable giving this is a acne face wash, but nothing too extreme.  My husband likes this product as well.  

~Diva Stuff Giveaway~

If you’re interested in trying Diva Stuff Products, you can enter to win 5-piece beauty bundle (a $40 value).   

Here’s what the bundle includes:

1- Honey Lime Face Scrubbies—glycerin soap, honey, lime oil

1-Ancient Mayan Secret Chocolate Mint Face Mask

1-Fountain of Youth Wrinkle Cream

1- Pampering Peppermint Foot Cream

1-Orange Cream Cupcake Lip Balm

Here’s how to enter:

You have ways to enter and therefore 4 chances to win!

1.  Like the Tasty Alternative on FB and leave me a comment saying you are a new fan or established fan.  

2.  Like Diva Stuff on their FB page and leave me a comment saying you are a new fan.

3.  Leave a comment here sharing what Diva Stuff product you would like to try.

4.  Share this giveaway on FB and leave me a quick comment saying you shared (I will check the shares on the FB post to confirm).

Guidelines and Details: 

1.  The giveaway is available to US readers only.  However, international orders are welcome on the website

2.  The contest will end on Thursday August 8th (at 11:00 pm) and a winner will be announced by and announced on August 9th.  

3.  The contest winner will have 24 hours to claim the prize  Please email me within 24 hours.  I will continue to pick random entries until the prize is claimed.

4.  A good way to keep updated on the contest is to follow The Tasty Alternative via email.  Visit The Tasty Alternative and find “Follow By Email” option on the left sidebar.  

5.  Can’t wait for the contest winner announcement   Diva Stuff is offering 1st time customers 20% off  by using this code during checkout: DIVAVP20

6.  As you know, The Tasty Alternative is a green living blog, dedicated to decreasing waste and advocating for the use of non-toxic materials.  I do no support companies that use Styrofoam as packaging, and I’ve asked Diva Stuff to please use paper and other easily recyclable materials in their packaging.   

Good luck!!
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