Friday, November 15, 2013

Win a Quart of The Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions (a $40 value)

I am sure many of you out there have heard of Tropical Traditions coconut oil.  Have you had the opportunity to try this superior coconut oil? If not, or if you’re a dedicated fan, I have a treat for you today.  I am giving away 1 quart of The Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil to one lucky person.  And just in time for all your Holiday cooking and baking!  Wondering about virgin coconut oil or how to use coconut oil?  Click the links provided for more information. 

I made the switch to baking and cooking with coconut oil several years ago.  I’ve used several brands of coconut oil and nothing comes close to the superior quality that Tropical Traditions offers.  I use coconut oil for many things including homemade lotions for my son’s eczema, baking, raw foods, and cooking.  I urge you to give Tropical Traditions a try.  I have no doubt you will be very impressed with their products.  So enter today to win yourself a quart of the very best coconut oil out there!   

In order to qualify for this giveaway, you MUST subscribe to Tropical Traditions Email Sales Newsletter (this is a mandatory entry).  This will be verified.  

After you subscribe
enter below to win 
(10 possible entries)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please click HERE to view all the amazing products Tropical Traditions has to offer.  In addition to coconut oil, they sell grass fed beef, organic soy free eggs, organic soy free chicken, coconut water vinegar, coconut flour, shredded coconut, coconut cream concentrate, nontoxic cleaning products, and more!  
Click HERE to visit the healthy buyers club! 

Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.
If you order by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you.” 
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