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How to Make Homemade Hemp Milk

What are hemp seeds anyway?
Good question.
Another excellent question.
One 8-Ounce glass contains the following healthy nutrients:
  • 900mg Omega-3 Fatty Acid
  • 2800mg Omega-6 Fatty Acid
  • All 10 Essential Amino Acids
  • 4 grams of Digestible Protein
  • 46% of RDA of Calcium
  • 0% Cholesterol
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Riboflavin
So how do I make hemp milk?
Hemp milk is so very easy to make.  
Check it out…
-1/3  cup organic shelled hemp seeds, soaked for 5-8 hours or overnight
-3 cups filtered water
-3 dates, soaked in 1 cup of water for 2-4 hours
-1 teaspoon vanilla
How To:
In blender (I use Vitamix)
1.  Drain hemp seeds from water and add seeds to blender
2.  Add 3 cups filtered water
3.  Add dates with date-soaked water and vanilla and blend until well incorporated, 90 seconds should do it. 
4.  Let sit for a bit and skim off foam
5.  Store in glass container with lid in fridge up to 5 days 
*You can most certainly strain this milk if you prefer a smooth texture.  I prefer the thick milk with the seed and date pulp…plus I am benefiting from the raw seeds and all their healthful nutrients.
Enjoy and be well.
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