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Avocado Grapefruit Hemp Smoothie (full of protein and nutrients)

I feel so fortunate to have such great friends in my life.  I was thrilled to receive so many homemade treats this holiday.  Me, Scott and the kiddos spent time with our friends, visiting each family with homemade goodies in hand – chatting, laughing, and catching up.  And to my delight, we always left with a little something special: homemade applesauce, homemade beer, homemade fig & honey jelly, homemade chocolate, spiced nuts, homemade chap stick, organic pears, fresh picked plump grapefruits.  It was very special.  I was particularly intrigued by all the grapefruits.  I have been juicing and enjoying them in a variety of ways.  Most notably in my morning smoothie.  I wanted to share my concoction with you, as I think it’s quite delicious.  It’s a smoothie just the way I like it – thick and creamy (not icy or too sweet).  This is a nice pick-me-up first thing in the morning (as I’m not a coffee drinker) but love to make a little something to sip on.  If you get your hands on some grapefruits, try them in a smoothie.  I’m hooked.  See HERE for a list and description of the most common grapefruits.  My favorite for smoothies (hands down) is Pomelo.  
Avocado Grapefruit Hemp Smoothie
(click the links provided below for where to purchase)
-1 cup fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
-1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
-1/2 ripe avocado
-1 medium ripe banana
-1 tablespoon raw hemp seeds*
-1 tablespoon grass fed gelatin or vegan pea protein powder 
-1 tablespoon sweetener of choice* (or 15 drops stevia)
-4 ice cubes (made from this silicone tray) 
-Handful of spinach (optional) 
How To:
1.  Add all of the above ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.  Drink immediately or save in the fridge.  
*Hemp is 
Paleo, I referenced a trusted site, The Paleo List, (yes it’s permitted).  
*AIP & SCD, omit hemp seeds – they are not permitted.  
*For sweetener I like raw local honey or coconut nectar.
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