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Monday, January 6, 2014

Avocado Grapefruit Hemp Smoothie (full of protein and nutrients)

I feel so fortunate to have such great friends in my life.  I was thrilled to receive so many homemade treats this holiday.  Me, Scott and the kiddos spent time with our friends, visiting each family with homemade goodies in hand – chatting, laughing, and catching up.  And to my delight, we always left with a little something special: homemade applesauce, homemade beer, homemade fig & honey jelly, homemade chocolate, spiced nuts, homemade chap stick, organic pears, fresh picked plump grapefruits.  It was very special.  I was particularly intrigued by all the grapefruits.  I have been juicing and enjoying them in a variety of ways.  Most notably in my morning smoothie.  I wanted to share my concoction with you, as I think it’s quite delicious.  It’s a smoothie just the way I like it – thick and creamy (not icy or too sweet).  This is a nice pick-me-up first thing in the morning (as I’m not a coffee drinker) but love to make a little something to sip on.  If you get your hands on some grapefruits, try them in a smoothie.  I’m hooked.  See HERE for a list and description of the most common grapefruits.  My favorite for smoothies (hands down) is Pomelo.  
Avocado Grapefruit Hemp Smoothie
(click the links provided below for where to purchase)
-1 cup fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
-1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
-1/2 ripe avocado
-1 medium ripe banana
-1 tablespoon raw hemp seeds*
-1 tablespoon grass fed gelatin or vegan pea protein powder 
-1 tablespoon sweetener of choice* (or 15 drops stevia)
-4 ice cubes (made from this silicone tray) 
-Handful of spinach (optional) 
How To:
1.  Add all of the above ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.  Drink immediately or save in the fridge.  
*Hemp is 
Paleo, I referenced a trusted site, The Paleo List, (yes it’s permitted).  
*AIP & SCD, omit hemp seeds – they are not permitted.  
*For sweetener I like raw local honey or coconut nectar.
{affiliate links in post – thank you for supporting The Tasty Alternative} 
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Butternut Squash Coconut Hemp Smoothie

Oh boy, folks, this smoothie is incredible.  It’s thick, creamy, and not icy (my three musts in a smoothie).  I don’t know about you, but I use pumpkin and butternut squash interchangeably.  TruthfullyI find butternut squash is much sweeter than pumpkin and I love it in desserts.  It’s fun to mix it up though, as I feel like pumpkins are taking over my life.  Ha ha.  A delicata would also be great in here!  They are perhaps my favorite squash of all! My son slurped this down for his morning snack and off to play.  I’m not a coffee drinker, so I like to make smoothies for a little pre-breakfast pick me up.  Be adventures and try the many different varieties of squash available this time of year.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  
Butternut Squash Coconut Hemp Smoothie 

-1/2 cup filtered water
-1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
-1/2 cup baked butternut squash
-1/2 cup ripe banana (1 medium)
-2 tablespoons coconut nectar (honey or maple syrup)
-1 tablespoon raw hemp seeds (optional)
-1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (more to taste)
-1/4 teaspoon ground ginger (optional)
-3 ice cubes*

How To:
1.  Add everything to a blender and blend until the ice cubes are properly crushed.  The smoothie should be chilled, but not icy.  If you like icy smoothies, than by all means, add in more ice.  

*AIP & SCD, omit hemp seeds – they are not permitted.  
*I use these for ice cubes – I purchase at a store in town, but they can also be found online.  
*Use any protein source or powder in place of the hemp, or just omit.  
*In place of the ice cubes, freeze the banana (cut up first) over night and add an additional 1/4 cup of water or coconut milk.
*Want to start with pumpkin in your smoothie?  Try my Chocolate Pumpkin Hemp Smoothie or Pumpkin Coconut Almond Smoothie. 
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Coconut Mango Spinach Smoothie (dairy free)

Need a kid-approved green smoothie?  Join me today over at Green Thickies as I share a new green smoothie recipe with yousure to please children and adults alike!

Click HERE for the recipe.  
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ditch Those Frozen Fruit Plastic Bags – How To Make Waste-Free Smoothies

WHY plastic Bags SUCK-IT! 
Okay, we all know plastic bags are terrible.  I hate them (and I don’t use that word lightly).  So come smoothie time of year I really, really, REALLY try to NOT purchase any frozen fruit in plastic bags.  I mean, yes, it’s difficult during the off season when fresh fruit (err, organic fresh fruit) is not in season.  But during the summer it’s everywhere. So no excuses.

The easiest way to avoid packaged frozen fruit is to purchase loose fruit and freeze it.  When I say loose fruit I am talking about fruit that is not packaged in any plastic.  This is how fruit is sold at my local Natural Foods Coops here in Northern California.  Sometimes you can find a Farmer’s Market that is really good about selling loose fruit.  I use these Care Bags for my produce/loose fruit, again, NO plastic bags are used at any point in my purchasing process.  Listen, I don’t have a panic attack if I have to purchase fruit in plastic.  For example, Costco has great deals on blueberries and raspberries.  But at least those plastic containers ARE able to be recycled.  Frozen fruit plastic bags are not – they go right into the landfill.  So think about what will do less harm.  

See below for some other suggestions on how to make a fabulous smoothie without the use of bagged frozen fruit.  

Here is how I freeze fruit.  I wash, dry, and freeze on silicone mats.  Then I store the fruit in air-tight glass containers in the freezer (not in plastic bags). 

Here we have mango and bananas

Bananas, apple and strawberries… 
Bananas, blueberries, raspberries
Strawberries are everywhere this time of year 
Fresh, loose picked, frozen strawberries for a fraction of what the packaged frozen strawberries cost! 

Okay, moving along
See HERE for my bulk green drink.  
I like to freeze little cubes of this green drink and use in smoothies.  For the smoothie, add in the frozen green drink cubes, some nut milk (or coconut milk), fresh fruit, your choice protein powder, and blend.  What a fabulous way to start the day.
I still have my old BPA/toxic free baby food containers (yes, I made all my kid’s baby food from scratch).  I knew these would be put to good use and below I have them full of homemade walnut milk for smoothies. 

Homemade nut/seed milks from The Tasty Alternative: 
We are surrounded by citrus here in California   So when harvest time comes, I like to freeze lemon and orange juice for smoothies (or for like a million other uses). 
These silicone (BPA free) ice cube trays are awesome.  They make small portions of frozen nut milk or coconut milk. 

Here I have some banana puree.  I had four bananas that were ready for something (super ripe)so I pureed them with a little water and made little frozen banana cubes for smoothies.  With the banana you can also add in a handful of spinach or fresh fruit  (such as an avocado or strawberries).  Just make sure you add in some water so you can pour the mixture into the trays.  

It is possible to create low-waste or no-waste smoothies.  It depends on where you live and what you like, but it is possible.  The point here is to become more mindful of the waste-free options and get creative. 

~Smoothie/Milkshake Recipes by The Tasty Alternative~

Top of post bags of fruit Image Source 
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Raw Peach Hemp Protein Power Smoothie (dairy free, cane-sugar free, protein rich)

Here’s the deal with me and smoothies.  I love them, but for me to really enjoy a smoothie, it has be just the right texture.  I pass on the super icy watered down smoothies (remember those Slurpees – yeah you do, I drank them like crazy too back in the day).   Anyway, my preference?  I adore a thick, creamy (yes cold, but not icy) smoothie that’s not too sweet with some earthy flavor to it (ha, how’s that for high maintenance).  You know I love putting ginger in smoothies – see here and here, but I also love the earthy flavor of hemp.  That being said, I am also the type of gal who loves her tea bitter and straight up, so there you go.  I recently purchased some raw hemp protein powder.  Hemp is not SCD legal, but folks with Crohn’s disease require extra protein (and hemp does not bother me at all).  I’ve made this smoothie every morning so far this week, and let me tell you, I’m not the type that is easily satisfied on a smoothie alone, but this is super filling.  So great for those last minute mornings when we are rushing out of the house and I didn’t have time to fix breakfast, and I won’t be home for an hour, and my stomach is rumbling for SOMETHING, and I know I will be a crazy irritable tired mom if I don’t have something to kick start my body!   And really, I want to come out the gate running; kick-ass something like this: 
And I try to avoid feeling like this:
You with me on that?
Raw Peach Hemp Protein Power Smoothie

-1 cup dairy free milk (I use a combo of 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk and 1/2 cup water)
-6 ounces ripe banana (1 medium)
-6 ounces of frozen peaches (roughly 1 1/2 cups)
-2 tablespoons raw lucuma power 
-2 tablespoons raw hemp protein powder 

How To:
1.  Add everything to a blender and blend until well incorporated (until the frozen peaches run smooth in the mixture).

*I purchase both the lucuma and hemp powder at my local Natural Foods Coop, but you can also find them on-line.  
*I highly recommend making this smoothie with coconut milk (1/2 cup full fat coconut milk and 1/2 cup filtered water) – it helps create that rich, creamy texture.  Love!    
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Post by Olivia Parker, Author of: Sensational Smoothies: Drink Your Way To Health Deliciously."

Why You Should Consider Smoothies
by Olivia Parker, author of ‘Sensational Smoothies: Drink Your Way To Health Deliciously

You may have heard about smoothies, especially from raw foodists. But why should you consider them as part of your diet, especially in your efforts to lose weight?

Here are some reasons:

  • Green smoothies (one made with leafy greens like romaine lettuce, parsley, celery, spinach, etc. mixed with the fruit) can fill a nutritional void. If you hopelessly pick at your green salad or rarely touch the vegetables on your plate, then you may want to β€œdrink” your vegetables instead. Doing so is convenient and easy. Plus, if you’ve tried green smoothie, you cannot distinguish the delicate taste of leafy greens because the tang of fruit overpowers it.

  • Smoothies have gotten a bad rep because of their sugar content. A sugary smoothie is avoidable. You can control the sugar content. That is, if you make your own smoothies and stay away from processed, conveniently packed smoothie mixes and artificial sweeteners (which can be worse than regular table sugar). Whole fruit, either fresh or frozen, produces the healthiest smoothies. If you want to lose weight, then nix the sweetened fruit juices that you can easily pour in order to sweeten your smoothie. Instead, try adding coconut water instead of fruit juice because coconut water is electrolyte-rich and is flavorful.

  • In a smoothie, you can have protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber – in one big gulp. In fact, you can lose weight by filling up with the right smoothie recipes. The peanut butter and banana smoothie, for instance. This protein-fiber combination fills you up, is easy to make and consume (no dishes and utensils required), and provides you with energy to start your day. If you get tired of bananas as your smoothie staple ingredient, then switch to avocados. Avocados are creamy, which make them excellent for blended drinks, and they are high in monounsaturated fats – the good fats that target belly fat. Other protein ingredients to substitute for peanut butter in your smoothie include silken tofu or nuts.

Olivia Parker is the author of β€œSensational Smoothies: Drink Your Way to Health Deliciously,” an ebook about healthy and delicious smoothies. It contains over 180 kitchen-tested smoothie recipes and informative content. To read on about smoothies, visit To check out Olivia Parker’s book, please go to

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cherry Banana Ginger Smoothie (SCD Friendly)

There is nothing like the sweet taste of cherries.  Such a quintessential summer fruit (next to my beloved strawberries of course).  I made this lovely smoothie one morning and it was quite satisfying.  The cherries pair well with the creamy bananas and of course I always throw in some ginger.  Ginger is a big part of my healing regimen.  It’s a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory.  
-1 cup nut milk, I used homemade walnut milk
-1 cup frozen bananas (see notes on how to freeze your own)
-1 cup seeded fresh cherries 
-0.2 or 0.3 ounces of ginger (I like my smoothie with some bite, so I go with around .3 to .4 ounces)

How To:
1.  Blend above ingredients, serve immediately.  If you like a super cold and slushy smoothie, add ice.  This is a nice thick, smooth, cool drink (this is how I prefer my smoothies – not overly slushy).  

*Go green and make your own frozen bananas, slice up 4 or 5 ripe bananas (preferably ripe with freckles).  Place on a non stick surface and freeze for 4-6 hours. Transfer banana slices to glass container and store in freezer.  Use as needed.  
More Smoothies from The Tasty Alternative
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome Home Berry Beet Smoothie (SCD Friendly)

I really enjoy traveling.  I love flying, living out of a suitcase, exploring new places, and meeting new people.  But there is nothing quite like coming home and settling back into your space.  One thing I missed on this trip was my daily smoothie.  Smoothies are my “morning coffee.”  I always follow with breakfast, but sometimes I just need a little something.  This morning (particularly) I really NEEDED a smoothie, and one filled with lots of good stuff.  I felt like I was coughing up New York.  As much as I love that amazing city, my body is just not used to the exhaust, fumes and smoke.  I couldn’t run to my Vitamix fast enough this morning armed with my favorite fruits and veggies.  This smoothie turned out awesome, so I just had to share.  You can always play around with different ingredients here, for example, if you’re not keen on beets, simply leave it out.  I happen to love the flavor, and my three year old loves them too, so he was all over this smoothie.  
-4 ounces frozen blueberries* (3/4 cup)
-5 ounces fresh strawberries (5 -6 medium strawberries) 
-5 ounces fresh Navel orange (1 medium orange, peeled)
-2 ounces of carrot (1/2 medium carrot, peeled)
-1 or 2 ounce raw beet (1 small red beet, peeled)
-0.3 ounces of fresh ginger (peeled)
-1 cup filter water 

How To:
1.  Blend above ingredients in blender until well incorporated (high speed or otherwise).
2.  Serve immediately

*Add more ice if you like super slushy smoothies.  I happen to like mine just slightly cold so I add very little frozen ingredients.
*And, as mentioned above, simply omit the beet if you’re not a fan.
*Add some fresh spinach or kale for an extra added punch of nutrition. 
*To make homemade frozen blueberries, wash and dry fresh blueberries.  Place blueberries separately on non-stick surface and freeze 4-6 hours  Transfer frozen blueberries into glass storage and store in freezer.  See here for same method used with strawberries. 
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chocolate Pumpkin Hemp Smoothie

I know, pumpkin and chocolate?  Sounds sort of strange.  But the key here is to get all those wonderful health benefits from that beautiful orange squash right?  And we all know chocolate makes everything taste decadent.  I enjoyed this rich and creamy smoothieand yes, it’s still warm, warm here in Northern California (80s). So a smoothie with fall flair really fit the bill today.

This is post #1 in my chocolate + pumpkin series.  Stay tuned for the following recipes:

~Pumpkin brownies 
~Pumpkin spiced chocolate covered pears
~Pumpkin chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Pumpkin Hemp Smoothie


-1/4 cup homemade plain pumpkin puree (I used the Cinderella variety)
-4 cubes frozen hemp milk from this hemp milk recipe
-1 cup hemp milk 
-3 tablespoons honey (vegans use maple syrup) 
-2 tablespoon raw cacao powder (or to taste)
-1/2 teaspoon vanilla
-1/4 teaspoon cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice 

How To:
1.  Combine ingredients in blender until smooth


*You can obviously use any dairy free milk
*Frozen banana would taste great 

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