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The Tasty Alternative is dedicated to healthy alternative cuisine.  In this space you will find 100% organic, dairy free, gluten free, grain-free, peanut free and sugar free recipes.  Recipes also featuring the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and the Anti Candida Diet (ACD). 

Some things you will not find in this space or will see in small doses:

*I do not regularly use soy or tofu, but do, on occasion, use gluten-free tamari and Braggs Liquid Aminos in recipes and once in a while use tempeh.  Any soy-based recipes I share will be used with fermented soy products such as a miso or tempeh.  
*I do use a variety of nuts and seeds, but you'll find no peanuts here.  I have a true allergy when it comes to peanuts...like throat closing, anaflect shock allergy (no fun).

*I personally love eggs!  I could easily eat deviled eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner - no problem.  Unfortunately, eggs aren't as popular with my husband or daughter and they appear to aggravate my son's eczema.  In baked goods I try to use egg substitutes when I can and if it works only because the final product is more pleasing to me.  I find eggs dry out my meager attempts at baking. I usually add some applesauce when eggs are a must, but I find it fun and challenging to bake egg-free.   

*No moo moo.  We are a beef free home.  Arg, those poor cows being reproduced by the millions...they don't know what their poo is doing to the environment.  It's not their fault.  Simply put though, we don't support the cow industry for personal health reasons (we eat different meat sources) and for political reasons (those darn cows are extremely toxic to our environment).  What you will find is chicken, turkey and pork.  I purchase grain fed, organic, free range meat from local farms here in Northern California.  As a whole, we aren't big meat eaters, but when we do it's the good stuff and I'm 100% on board with paying extra for this healthy option.  

*I use grains sparingly as of late.  Starting in 2012 I will be taking on a new food challenge, lifestyle if you will, and incorporating the Specific Carbohydrate Diet into my blog with recipes and tips.  I only just recently learned about this diet.  So while I will feature recipes with grains, I will also have a nice balance of grain free recipes.  

*We eat seafood, but yep...you guessed it, only wild, line-caught low heavy metal fish.  And we honestly don't eat it that much because it's expensive, but do splurge on special occasions.  We just don't mess around when it comes to seafood, it's a serious issue and I feel quite steadfast in that conviction. 

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