Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Allergy-Free Wednesdays Blog Hop: Week 4

Hello and welcome to Allergy-Free Wednesdays (AFW).
  AFW is a weekly blog hop where folks can share their allergy-free cuisine, gain knowledge about allergy-related topics/issues, and connect with others living or caring for someone with food allergies.

This is a weekly blog hop hosted by myself and five other fabulous allergy-free bloggers.  Your weekly submissions will be shared on all 6 blogs!  Check back each week for reader favorites and recipe highlights.    

Meet your AFW hostesses
(1) Tessa @ Tessa the Domestic Diva
(2) Michelle @ The Willing Cook 
(3) Laura @ Gluten Free Pantry 
(4) Nancy @ Real Food Allergy Free
(5) Janelle @ Gluten Freely Frugal
(6) and me, Amber @ The Tasty Alternative

What can I link-up on AFW?
*We welcome allergy-free cuisine in any shape or form
*Tips & allergy related articles/information welcome
*Food allergies, intolerance, and sensitivities all welcome
*Please provide a description of your recipe, such as Dairy Free (DF), Gluten Free (GF), etc.

Rules & Guidelines 
*Please provide the URL link directly to your post (not your homepage). 
*Please provide a link back to our weekly blog hop somewhere in your post.
*In order for your recipe to be featured, your post must contain a back link to our blog hop.
*Past and current recipes welcome.
*Recipes are not required to be free of all common allergy foods, just allergy-free in some way.
*Two weekly submissions max please. 
*Please leave a comment after you link-up and tell us about your weekly submission(s).
*Entries that don't comply with stated rules and guidelines will be respectfully removed.

Featured Recipes & Highlights

Each week AFW will feature the three most popular recipes from the previous week, and the six AFW hostesses will highlight their favorites.  Please note that your submission must contain a link back to our Allergy-Free Wednesday's Blog Hop in order to be featured.  Click HERE for last week's entries and the appropriate back link.  

So without further ado...

May I present you with the three most popular submissions:

Chocolate Coconut Mousse
Looks delish and I love that it's dairy free.
From:  Things that make you say: "Mmmm." 

Maple Glazed Banana Donuts
These looks super yummy - gluten free and diary free!
From: Gluten Free Gidget 

Decadent Fudgy Gluten Free Brownies
I think the title says it all.  
From: The Nourishing home 

And here are the three fabulous recipes I chose to highlight:

  Sweet: Pomegranate Sherbet
I made this the night after Shirley posted!  SO good.
Reminded me very much of frozen yogurt which I haven't had in years.
From:  Shirley @ Gluten Free Easily 

Savory: Gluten Free Kale and Potato Cakes
What an awesome way to use those leftovers.  So creative!
From: Wendy @ Celiacs in the House 

SCD: Banana Cake
Jen creates some amazing SCD recipes.  
I've tried several - all winners.  
I will be making this one next!
From: My Big Fat Grain Free Life 

Thanks for visiting Allergy-Free Wednesdays!
*Due to our growing blog hop, we are now allowing two weekly submissions max (no longer three). 
Thanks for being awesome and reading through our guidelines before linking up!


  1. gfe--gluten free easilyFebruary 15, 2012 6:28 AM

    Hi Amber--I'm linking up my Sweet Potato Biscuits. They are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegan, and more. :-)

    Many thanks for highlighting my pomegranate sherbet! So glad you enjoyed it!

    So many blogs and recipes to check out ... thank you all!


  2. France @ Beyond The PeelFebruary 15, 2012 9:12 AM

    Hi Amber, thanks so much for hosting!

    I'm sharing a delicious Black Bean, Broccoli & Quinoa Salad with Blackberry Serrano Sauce. Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Hi Amber! Thank you for hosting, this is a great carnival! This week I've shared my post on cinnamon with a recipe for SCD legal cinnamon and raisin bread rolls! Have a lovely week!

  4. The Freak Food GourmetFebruary 20, 2012 10:05 AM

    Please forgive my ignorance but....where on your blog do I share my link with you? In any comments section or is there a particular one I should use? Thanks!

  5. Hi There,

    Thanks for your inquiry. So sorry to miss you this week. Our blog hop is open Tuesday evening until Sunday afternoon. Please check back this Tuesday for the next live blog hop, you will be able to link up your recipe. :-)

    Thanks so much,


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